Close Your Campaign with These Two Little Words

When the fundraising campaign wraps up, the work is over and everyone can finally just kick back and go home.



After a successful crowdfunding campaign, it’s time to begin the next leg of the journey: cultivating new donors, keeping up momentum, and continuing to build the community that burst to life on the day of your campaign.

And that all begins with two simple words: thank you.

The sooner you say it, the more heartfelt and genuine it is, the more clear it is that your donors are the ones who make the incredible impact of your organization possible in the first place, the better off you all will be.

And the more motivated your donors will feel to give again (and again).

Don’t delay. Take that glow of success and project it back onto your community. Your mission is their mission. Your success is their success. Celebrate together, and begin with appreciation.

Looking for appreciation inspiration? Here’s a lovely example from The Alfred Hospital’s campaign (we wrote about their storytelling recently as well).

It’s simple, and real, and puts a human face on the work of the hospital. And it means so much to those who gave not only to hear that thank-you, but to hear it right away.

So make sure you get that time to recuperate and kick back after an intense campaign.

Just say a little “thank you” first.

Want to say your thank you…but need to run a campaign first? Book your call with a Charidy fundraising specialist today!