United for Freedom: One Day to End Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

More than thirty organizations, multiple corporate sponsors, and an advisory board of prominent social activists, celebrities, Ambassadors, and influencers have joined together with crowdfunding platform Charidy for the second annual United for Freedom Global Day of Giving to End Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery (UFF 2018). The online giving day will be held from Oct. 16 to 17, 2018, and aims to raise $1 million across all participating organizations in just 24 hours.

“People believe slavery is a memory of our past, or only happens ‘over there’. But it’s here, it’s in your backyard, and it’s destroying too many people’s lives,” says Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld, Charidy’s Vice President of Development, and a United Nations representative on a range of civil society anti-slavery initiatives.  “Last year United for Freedom raised $500,000. This year, we’re doubling that impact. That’s because the Charidy team is committed to being part of the solution – to help put an end to human trafficking and modern-day slavery once and for all.”

UFF 2018’s participating organizations include:

United for Freedom’s Advisory Board representatives include:

  • Brooke Axtell – Founder, She Is Rising
  • Rochel Leah Bernstein –  Founder, Child Safety Pledge
  • Jeffrey D. Brown – Director, SOLD
  • Luis C. DeBaca – Former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
  • David Dietz – Social Entrepreneur, Impact Investor
  • Nathaniel Erb – Erb & Associates Policy Firm
  • Romy Hawatt – CEO & Founder, Riana Group
  • Duncan Jepson  – Founder, Liberty Global
  • Rachel Lloyd – Founder, GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services)
  • Seirah Royin  – Producer, SOLD
  • April Tam Smith – Managing Director, Equity Derivatives, Morgan Stanley
  • Allison Trowbridge – CEO, Copper Publishing House
  • Shandra Woworuntu – Co-Founder, Voices of Hope

Part technology platform, part fundraising consultancy, part marketing agency, Charidy’s unique approach to crowdfunding includes a tight timeframe (typically 12-36 hours), matching funders (high-level donors who ensure that every donation is doubled, tripled, or quadrupled), and the option of an “all or nothing” approach to drive momentum and dollars raised. To-date, Charidy has helped more than 1500 organizations raise over $550 million from over 750,000 donors. While two-thirds of crowdfunding campaigns fail, Charidy’s 99% campaign success rate makes them the most successful nonprofit crowdfunding platform on the market. Charidy’s Giving Days, in which multiple organizations come together to collectively raise awareness and funding in the signature Charidy style, amplifies this success – and the impact it creates – exponentially.

“It was an excellent learning experience that exceeded our expectations,” said Ayla Merino Zezatti, Director of Commission Against Human Trafficking, of last year’s United for Freedom Global Day of Giving. “Thanks to [United for Freedom] we were able to expand our donor base and substantially increase our social media impact.”

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