Join Us: 24 Hours to End Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Some problems that are so big, so daunting, so pervasive, that it can be stifling to think about how to even begin tackling them. Homelessness, or poverty, or climate change…

And then there are those problems that are not only rampant, but also occur almost entirely under the radar, hidden in plain sight.

Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery is one of those problems. It affects upwards of 45 million people worldwide, at least 25% of them children. It makes up a $150 billion industry. It destroys lives – and not just halfway around the world. It’s likely happening in your city.

And it’s time for it to end.

You can help make that happen.

At Charidy we believe deeply that the most effective way to make an impact is by tapping into that power of the collective. No one person or organization can solve this alone.

So, will you join us?

Here’s the plan, and what you can do to help:

This October 16, Charidy is hosting its second annual United for Freedom Global Giving Day to end human trafficking and modern slavery. Diverse organizations, sponsoring companies, individuals and influencers from around the world are will unite together for 24 hours to pool our collective energy, connections, and dollars. We’re raising money, awareness, and momentum to fuel the change we want to see in the world.

Last year participating organizations raised over $500,000. This year we’re making it one million.

  • If you work with an organization in the anti-trafficking movement, you can be a part of the Giving Day. Find out more here and email for specifics.
  • If your company has made ending human trafficking, slave-free supply chains, or other fair trade practices as part of its mission, you can be a sponsor of the Giving Day. Find out more here and get in touch.
  • If you’ve got connections to influencers, potential donors, fiscal sponsors, media — we’ve got a list of critical needs to make this massive effort a reality. Take a look here, and be in touch!

And finally, if you just feel the need to take any small step to help make the world a little more free – we’re with you. Mark your calendars for October 16. Share this post with your network. Talk to your friends and family about human trafficking and the role each of us can play in finally bringing it to an end. On October 16, give what you can, and share widely.

We can be the generation that sees the end of modern slavery.

Let’s raise together, and rise together.

Join Charidy for our Global Day of Giving to End Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

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