Want a Viral Campaign? Get Human.

As of the writing of this post, the North Melbourne Football Club is 82% of the way to its crowdfunding goal of $1 million AUD to “make Arden street the forever home” of the Shinboners. With 12 hours left on the clock, it’s looks likely they’ll make their goal (haha, see what we did there? last sports pun of the post – promise).*

The campaign is gaining momentum for a lot of reasons. They’ve tapped into a rabid fan base. They’re telling the right story at the right time. They’re all-in on making it happen.

Posts about the campaign are all over the place. But we wanted to highlight one of our favorites:

It’s so simple, and so effective. Why?

Because it’s real. It’s relatable. It’s a teeny-tiny moment in a much bigger story.

Most importantly, it’s…human.

This is one of those moments that makes a campaign especially effective. Someone has taken the story and woven it into their day, and shared on Twitter what that meant for them, and told the world why they did that.

That’s an awesome thing for an organization, and it probably felt great for this fan to be able to share.

It’s also crowdfunding gold.

But these human moments during a campaign don’t happen on accident.

In order to energize your people, you’ve got to organize them. Plot the strategy, hone the story, line up your team. Then your supporters see the campaign in the first place, feel deeply connected to it, and – most importantly – feel empowered to share these little moments that make the crowd go wild.

Humans, after all, are the highest tech.

Now, go Shinboners!

Ready to organize your humans and start your campaign perfect storm? We’d love to chat!

*Update: The Shinboners funded their forever home! The campaign went into a bonus round and ultimately raised over $1.3 million AUS from over 2800 donors.


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