Welcome to the New-Old Charidy!

Sometimes new is new. And sometimes new is really old, just revealing itself in a new way. To say that we are launching a new charidy would be remiss of the entire vision and mission of charidy from the get-go.

From the very outset, Yehuda, our founder, and the founding team of charidy had a clear goal in mind, a mantra we repeated at every meeting, every goal-oriented conversation. It’s on the tips of our tongues, the tips of our minds, and the tip of our taps that we click and clack in our dance to work every morning. This mantra is: “move the space forward.”

The space? The Nonprofit world. The giving space, the world of do-gooders and world-changers.

And forward? What does forward mean to us? It means actualizing our wildest imaginations. Beyond what we thought possible of ourselves, beyond billions and into trillions. We are inspired by the $500B given yearly to charity, but we’re even more motivated by the clear and present possibilities of achieving exponentially more. And fast. Moving forward at a speed that is befitting the world of people who are driven, not by monetary values, but by selfless ambition and lofty goals of a better world. Of a brighter present and an awesome future. At a velocity that defies “normal” growth. And expedites compounded progress that will position the third sector in first place. Where we belong.

We started off with a high-risk/high-yield matching campaign model, that today still serves as the foundation of our philosophy; impact, urgency, recognition, community, ambition and hard work. But it has evolved. Oh boy has it evolved. We are now an unrecognizable suite of bold, creative, and rapidly expanding campaigns and services.

And guess what, it evolved because of you, our clients.

YOU pushed us. Challenged us. Guided us. The student became the teacher. The motivated became the motivators. And through it all we stayed nimble and eager. To build, to broaden, to strengthen our capabilities and strengthen your communities.  

So are we releasing a new charidy today? No. We are simply organizing the progress we’ve accomplished thus far, gathering the results of your imagination and entering chapter two of many more chapters to come.

To quote the great Winston Churchill:

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Welcome to the new-old charidy! You’re gonna love it!