What a Difference a Day Makes

Getting a letter from from your alma mater asking for an alumni donation – asking you to give back to the institution that brought you to your higher station in life – is often times, just that. A form letter, nice paper stock, the school seal, and another ask. Sometimes a donation is mailed in, even less likely will it be made online, and most times nothing is given at all, and the letter is tossed in the trash alongside stacks of catalogues and adverts. Now imagine being on the other end… think about those who work so hard to keep our schools funded, fully-functioning and for some, free – so that they remain the hallowed halls we remember them as, for all students wishing to learn.

These unsung heroes of the nonprofit world – educators and all those institutions and individuals who support them – are who we were thinking about when launching our new University Giving Day platform. University Giving Days have become a major source of fundraising for colleges and universities in the past several years. Maybe you heard that Purdue University raised $18.3 million dollars in 24 hours, an increase of 33 percent over the previous year, during their 2016 Giving Day? And now your school can do the same.

Over the past five years, the Charidy team has learned a lot about what it takes to make a crowdraising campaign successful, and in today’s super-saturated solicitation marketplace, even the most noble and worthy of causes, like education, can get lost in the charitable clutter. The pervasiveness of instant and transnational communication, not to mention social media, has upended traditional models of fundraising, (like direct mail) and now provides college and universities the ability to engage with alumni, students, parents and beyond to provide a sense of community that last through your University Giving Day and (with our help) all year long!

Instructing universities and colleges on how to fundraise and crowdraise for education in today’s modern ‘Giving Market’ is something we are committed to achieving for any and every educational institution around the world. Our University Giving Day platform fuses technology know-how, vibrant messaging and volunteer engagement to rally campus liaisons, ambassadors and alumni, igniting a student-led, mission driven fundraising effort.

Whether we are using our customizable, in-house technology platform to create optimized interfaces for all mobile and remote device as well as worry-free credit card transactions generating automated tax receipts; or securing and analyzing donor data for year-round giving needs, we have revolutionized the way a university can ask… and most importantly receive. Plus, our technology’s back-end is built for intuitive faculty use, but works for the constantly on-the-go student too.

Our administrator’s dashboard, peer-to-peer features, leaderboard page, social media integrations, and challenge gamification programs promote maximum student and alumni commitment and engagement. Because we know that a successful University Giving Day is always student-driven – a campaign which harnesses that campus energy and fresh, new talent with the goal of catapulting student and alumni engagement to unforetold levels.

From branding your campaign and creating attention-grabbing materials – for use online, offline and everything in between – to graphic design, copywriting, social media and even micro-branding techniques, we create a pathway to success, led by our campaign managers and your personal, in-house marketing team, who is committed to working with you to develop a narrative which best shares and supports your University Giving Day needs. And on the day of the campaign, we are there to make sure your operations room is not only seamless, successful and something your school will never forget, but that it also puts the fun back in FUNdrasing! With 24 hour technical support and your very own Master of Ceremonies we keep RAISING your raise all 24 hours long. And if you pass your goal, we don’t stop the clock. Rather, like most of our campaigns, yours will go into a bonus round, allowing you to keep building critical momentum and fundraising past your wildest imagination.

Like no other crowdfunding service, Charidy provides a platform for matching donations that allows you to leverage mega-donors by engaging them in your crowdfunding efforts as matchers, your faculty and student body by engaging them though challenge grants and matching incentives, or your alumni or community businesses through engaging them in corporate matching. And we have discovered that by personalizing contributions to departments, programs, colleges or specialized schools within a university-wide system which alumni, parents or students are particularly passionate about, can and does provide a collective purpose – uniting your campus into a crowd that is empowered to raise all year long, not just a crowd that campaigns to raise once a year.

So what are you waiting for?! We’ve already hosted thousands of campaigns and have raised over half a billion dollars from almost one million donors. And we’ve worked with schools like Monash and Yeshiva Universities, Touro and Rockland Community Colleges, the Lander School for Men and countless other institutions of higher learning in the United States, Australia and beyond to support education around the world.

Learn more about our University Giving Day online @ or reach out to us directly at to schedule a demonstration with a Charidy team member today.