What's Your Campaign Personality? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Design matters. Your fundraising campaign needs to stand out, and rise above the noise.

The Charidy team has got you covered… and it’s pretty fun, if we do say so ourselves.

Our team of skilled graphic designers has just released seven new, gorgeous templates that will delight you and your donors.

Some are vibrant and lively.

Others are assertive, or sporty.

Some are quirky and cute. Others are sophisticated and stylish.

The question is: what’s your organization’s campaign personality?

Take our Campaign Personality Quiz and you’ll get a personalized recommendation of the perfect fit for your next campaign design!



Could this design be your next campaign? Take the quiz now to find out!



PLUS by taking the quiz you will be automatically entered in a drawing to win 50% off the Charidy fee for your next campaign (up to $2000). Pretty cool, huh?



But enough talk. Click here to take the quiz!

(Prefer to go a simpler route? No worries. Click here to see all seven new designs.)