Need Your Team All-In? Go With WhatsApp

When you’ve got a big, important, time-sensitive fundraising event, you need your nonprofit team to be all-in. Everyone needs to know their role, feel like they’re part of the action, and keep in the loop along the way.

That’s pretty much status quo at Charidy – we’re all about the high-energy, perfect storm approach to get serious fundraising done. So one of our go-to tools is WhatsApp group chats.

Here’s why.

  • Speed. WhatsApp feels faster and more responsive than, for instance, Facebook groups, which rely (primarily) on ongoing, asynchronous threads for conversation. If you’ve got a longer-term project, a Facebook group (or their new-ish Workplace option) can be really effective. But to hit the ground running on a shorter-term event with your team, WhatsApp group chats give you that high-energy feel.
  • Timeliness. WhatsApp groups don’t have to last forever; they can live for 24 or 36 hours, provide a living record of the event, and then get archived. Done and done.
  • Transparency. Every member of the group sees and hears everything that’s posted, which keeps everyone in the loop when it’s most important. That may not be ideal for everyday collaboration, but when the stakes are high and time is short, it can make all the difference.
  • Mobility. WhatsApp was designed to be super mobile friendly, so it’s a natural fit for on-the-go events and remote teams. And, bonus, it also has a desktop version for those stuck at computers!
  • Texture. WhatsApp groups allow you to share a mix of rich media – text, links, pictures, and especially voice messages to keep the whole operation feeling more human. And, of course, you can always use it for calls as well. It makes for a more fun, interactive experience that adds to the richness of the (behind-the-scenes) event.

Want some tips for running and organizing your group chats? This article in Forbes has some useful suggestions.

What are your favorite tools for getting your team all-in?

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